These Pictures Are From XX Girls

Really is this tattooed guy licking her ass?  We know she has a great big butt but XL Girls is a site that features plus size models.  More of a big boob publication brought to you by Scoresland.

Another vision of perfection.  Thank you London for holding your pussy lips in this photo and not covering it with your finger.  I know your giving a blowjob but for some reason we have become fixated on your pretty pussy and not even paying attention to your breasts.

This is how you are supposed to film or photograph women with amazing breasts having sex.  We want to see a full frontal and we want an un-obstructed view of their breasts.  No covering them up.  No guy on top.  The girl has to ride cow boy style.  So for the record big boob models doing porn be sure you can ride cowgirl for a while or you are in the wrong line of work.

Yeah nice boob shot you can see her big breasts pressed down on the bed.  And yup we got a view of her big round butt that everyone loves so much.

They call this the money shot.  A big cumshot but not a facial a tit job all over her breasts.  I call this the gold nugget because you would need a ton of money to change my mind that this isn’t a vision of beauty.


London Andrews On Video Like A Porn Star